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Monday, July 25, 2011

Satin Rose Tutorial Take Two~

Satin Rose Tutorial Take Two~

I recently found out about this awesome craft tool, it's called a heat gun!
 I am absolutely in love with it, for sure! No more burning yourself with a lighter! 
Though if your not careful you can burn yourself with a heat gun too! 
You can find them online at JoAnn's or any craft store!
 I recently got mine at JoAnn's for a great deal, plus I was able to use a coupon on it!

Now lets make a rose!

heat gun
hot glue gun
clip or headband

Once you have all your materials, go ahead and cut out 3 large circles, plus 2 small ones!
Don't hold the satin with your fingers, you will burn yourself!
I started out using scissors to hold mine, but then switched to tweezers, which work out awesome.
 Slowly run the heat gun along the edges, as your pinching the middle. The edges will start to curl up real fast but make sure you don't hold the heat gun too long in one spot, it will leave a burn mark!

 This is what it will look like once finish!
 Don't worry if they all don't match in shape! It gives it character by having them look different.
Now add a dab of hot glue to each center and attach each petal.

 With the last petal  add a dab of glue to the center and pinched it! After that  hot glue it to the top of the flower! 

Now after you have all your petals attached, slowly run your heat gun over it to give it a bit more character!
You can basically add anything you like to the center, either a gem or stone will give it a little dazzle!
I like using these clips, because they fall out as easily.
Then hot glue it to the bottom of the flower and there you go!


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  1. That's awesome! How long does it usually take to make one (or a few)?

  2. It only takes a bout maybe 10 minutes for one.