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Saturday, September 24, 2011

DIY Facelift

It's that time again for some more DIY! Have an old peice of furniture that needs a facelift? Well all you need is a few cans of spray paint & it cost you practically nothing!!

For example:





The crate to the left use to be my Dad's. It's hard to believe that it is actually older than me! I spray painted it & also the mini crates on the right!

These candle holders I found at our local dollar store. They use to be black!

Now this table & chairs I found at a local thrift store that was shutting down! Of course I spray painted them & looks brand spranking new!! I've been asked if I bought them at pottery barn! Um nope!

This dresser & book case use to be an oak color.

A friend of ours gave me these plastic flowers that look like they were once spray painted. I decided to spray them again.
They were once gold but I painted them light pink & dark pink.

Just a note!!

Now I wouldn't recommend spray painting if your pregnant! Also always let it sit out in the sun for at-least 3 days so that the fumes can air out!! Very important to do this step because how toxic the fumes can be.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY bridal hair clips

Looking to make your own bridal hair piece or just some cute chic hair pieces?

I found these Bobby pins, that are made by Martha Stewart at
Jo Ann's Fabrics, for a really good price!

I found these already made hair bows at Jo Ann's Fabrics as well for $3.99.

Then hot glue your hair bow to your Bobby pin!

There you have really cute DIY chic hair pins!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Craft Projects made straight from scrap fabrics: Part 2

Whenever I have leftover fabric scraps especially from doing alterations to my clothes, I always save them. When I do I normally make hair clips like this:

If you have larger scraps, you could always make a purse or a tote!

You could always make a simple throw pillow as well!

Leave a comment below on what projects you made with your fabric scraps!

Craft Projects made straight from scrap fabrics: Part 1.

I've been going through my scrap fabrics, trying to use them up! I figure my little girl can never have too many purses right?

I am also working on a quilt with the rest of my scraps. There's so much you can do with your scraps such as; headbands, totes, phone cases, school supplies holder, etc.

What craft projects have you come up with to use up your scraps?

Of course she loves it! <3

Stay tuned for more craft projects idea's to do with your scrap fabrics!