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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paper Roses Tutorial

I bought these cute shabby chic flower vases at thrift store recently and needed some flowers for them! I figure instead of buying some flowers, I could totally make some and here's how you can as well. 

Get ready here's what you need:

Hot glue gun
card-stock ( it can be any color or print) I'm planning to make some out of sheet music soon!
floral tape
wire clippers
18 gauge floral wire

 I made mine on the small side, but you can do any size really. I cut out 4 4x4 blocks.
 Once you have them all cut out, draw a spiral. Don't worry if it isn't perfect! It just adds more shape to the rose = )
 Once you have it all cut out, start rolling from the outside.
 It will start to look like this.
 I added just a dot of hot glue to the tip to secure the flower in place.
 Take 3- 18 gauge floral wire and wrap them together with floral tape. I cut mine in half with wire clippers, so they wouldn't be so long.

 Now I had 4 roses in a bunch together but I'm sure you could add more buds to it to make it fuller.
 I hot glued all 4 of them together to make them more secure.
 Then  take your hot glue gun and glue your stem to the roses center.
 All done! Now you have pretty paper roses! 
I'm going to try and paint one of them using water colors later on.
 You could put them in a vase...
 Or bunch them up together with floral tape.

You can also use your paper roses to decorate cards as well like this:

I hope you enjoyed my paper roses tutorial! If you have a questions, comment below and I will get back to you!

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  1. That is a really cute and simple project. thank you for sharing. I love the idea of using water colors on them.If i remember I might have my daughter play with water colors later and then cut out some her art work to make some. be a really cute gift for her to give her grandmothers.