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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shabby Chic Picture Frame Tutorial!

Shabby Chic Picture Frame

Supplies needed: 

*Any size picture frame: I got my frame, from my local dollar store!
*Black acrylic paint
*White acrylic paint
*Paint brush
*Sand paper
 Since the frame had some gold embellishment, I painted over just that part with black acrylic paint.
 Follow by, painting the whole frame with white acrylic paint.
Now, don't stress yourself on painting the white perfect, the paint job doesn't have to be perfect, since your going to be scuffing it up!
 Just take your sand paper and start scuffing it all over until it meets your shabby chic standards! 
 Closer view!
It's a great afternoon craft & hardly cost anything!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!
Happy Wednesday!

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