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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vanilla Beans!

Recently my husband order me some vanilla beans, so sometime this week I'll be making some more homemade vanilla! It sure isn't like what you buy in the store... it is better than that! Have you ever tried making some vanilla? Please tell me what you think and comment bellow! 
Trying to get my blog out there, so lets see some comment love!


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  1. wow that's allot of Vanilla beans where did you fine so many. what do you mean making it,I thought you have to grow it. every time I got to a chance to Dee's to buy the plants there out of stoke, I made rose jelly once it was very good. allot of work. for 4 little jars. I used nothing but the best pestle's, and very fragrant roses .I think I had a recipe for what you talking about. but I would love to hear on you make yours. Kay Stafford, sterlingrosek23@yahoo.com