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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Favorite Memory of Mine..

As I was waiting at the dentist this morning, I remember a special memory of my Dad and I that I wanted to share about. It was his second to last hospital visit before he passed away. I was coming up to visit that morning. As I was walking up the nurse was bringing him his breakfast and it seem that they very having dispute, over the nurse making my Dad his coffee. Now those who know my Dad, know he like's his coffee a certain way and he just kept telling her no thank you! Once the nurse left, my Dad whisper to me saying " Could you go downstairs, buy me a cup of coffee and make it the way I like it? Please?" He gave me a cute smile and I just couldn't resist, so off I went and made him his coffee to his liking: 1 part coffee, 2 parts sugar" hahaha. After I returned with his coffee, he had the biggest smile on his face, as you can tell in the picture below.

 He wasn't eating the greatest for his nurses and they told him whatever he wanted, they would get it for him, so he would have something in him. All he asked for, was some homemade cookies from me. I stayed up the night before, making him a small batch of of some favorite italian cookies he liked.. By the end of the visit, he was dipping his cookies into his coffee.

It's amazing how certain memories come into your mind, in the oddest places..

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  1. Those memories are precious Sarah! Thanks for sharing! When you miss your dad just sit back and close your eyes and think about how one glorious day you will be dancing together in Heaven!