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Thursday, February 2, 2012

CupCake Liner Pom Poms Tutorial

All you need is...
Cupcake liners *any color of your choice*
A glue gun
A styrofoam ball

Step 1:Start by separating all your liners.

Then take one of your pins & stick it straight through the middle!

 Once you have it straight through the liner, flatten the liner completely to look like this.

Then add just a dab of glue to the center. Just a tip ~ I had my glue gun on set to the lowest setting, so I wouldn't burn myself*

Then carefully roll your liner up, to look like this.

Then carefully stick it into the styrofoam ball.
 Slowly, it starts to look like this! So cute right?!
  Allmost there!!

 Now isn't that a beauty! I originally made this for my house decor, but really could be used to decorate anything like, weddings, parties.. you name it, whatever makes your heart happy!

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