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Monday, August 2, 2010

A little bit of me~being real.

I'm trying to get my routine back in order & start back my weekly menu again! I'm the type of person that likes having routine, instead going around daily not knowing. Each morning I make my little family breakfast & have Bible time with Emma. Afterwards we like to "play school", I'll pull out a book & try to teach her new words, or simply let her do a craft such as coloring or painting.

I like to start my Monday by attacking the mountain pile of laundry & giving the house a good head-to-toe house cleaning! It's nice starting the week off with a clean house & all the laundry put away! Lately Emma has shown a great interest in helping me clean! I'll hand her the wet clothes from the washer & she will grab them from my hands & place them in the dryer! It sure is the cutest thing ever!

This past month my husband & I celebrated 3 years of marriage!

I still can't believe it has been that many! Sadly we forgot to bring the camera with us, so I have no pictures of our evening out. I would love one day soon to get pictures done of us & with Emma. I love snapping pictures whenever we go out, so we can remember those precious memories! I have tons of pictures that I need to sit down & put them into my scrapbooks!

Right now my latest craft I'm working on is curtains for my bedroom! It's been hard to find time to work on them, but I'm getting close to having them finished!

Well, I'm going to get going since my little lady woke up from her nap!!

Love never fails,

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  1. Super cute curtains! I have to say, we never have done the menu thing but I heard alot of people say it helps them save money on their grocery bill and to not have to throw things out! :) Congrats on 3 years! We're coming up on 2 years next month --- time does fly. We need to have pictures done too :/